Our services

Altra can provide a single developer to augment your in-house team, or an entire team of resources who are ready to take on the most challenging AEM implementation projects.  We will provide the right mix of highly skilled US-based and nearshore consultants to work within your budget.  We have the necessary flexibility, skill-sets and leadership to ensure that our partnership works for you.

Staff Augmentation

  • Provide various resources as needed to work with your team, including developers, solution architects, QA engineers, system administrators, and content authors.

AEM Implementation

  • We have experience with many different parts of AEM, including Sites, Assets, Communities and Forms.
  • End-to-end implementation, including discovery / requirements gathering, functional and technical solution design, full-stack development including integration with other tools or data sources, testing, launch and post-launch support, and project management.
  • Work with AEM solutions hosted on premise by our clients as well as with Adobe Managed Services.

AEM Upgrade

  • Assess upgrade readiness to determine any changes that will be needed for code and content authoring functionality.
  • Discuss and provide guidance on high-level upgrade approaches (in-place upgrade vs. clean install and migration).
  • Create an upgrade plan with detailed steps, perform the upgrade, and test to ensure that it was successful.

AEM Training

  • Create custom training materials and lead hands-on training sessions for developers, content authors, and others.
  • Lead an onsite workshop that has a more flexible agenda than typical training, with attendees proposing topics to cover.
  • Training can be done on its own and cover common AEM training topics, or as part of an AEM implementation engagement and cover the client’s own website.

Content and Asset Migration

  • Implement custom migration scripts to automate much of the heavy lifting to copy large amounts of data from existing systems into AEM.
  • Create content fragments, configured content pages and components, and assets in AEM.
  • Manually migrate content that can be migrated more efficiently or cost-effectively by hand rather than in an automated fashion.

Content Authoring

  • You provide the content and assets – whether in a copy deck or a website to migrate to AEM – and we’ll provide one or more experienced content authors to get it all into AEM.
  • Create or update content pages, configure components, create content and experience fragments, assets, tags, etc.

AEM Health Assessment

  • Review an existing website, evaluate it against AEM architecture and implementation best practices, and deliver a report with our findings and recommendations.

AEM Maintenance & Support

  • Provide AEM functional and technical support, enhancements, bug fixes, hot fixes and patches, etc.

Adobe Analytics, Target, and Audience Manager

  • We have experience integrating AEM with other Adobe Marketing Cloud tools including Adobe Analytics, Target and Audience Manager, and can provide expertise with these tools.

Custom Web & Application Development

  • End-to-end implementation of websites using WordPress and other tools.
  • Custom front-end and back-end website and application development.

Quality Assurance Testing

  • Create a test plan and manual or automated test scripts for unit, system, integration, and performance testing.
  • Execute test scripts, document the results, and create support tickets (e.g., in JIRA) for the development team.
  • Perform cross-browser and cross-device functional testing.