A sampling of our previous AEM engagements.

We have seasoned, Adobe-certified AEM development technologists who’ve seen most everything.  We follow best practices to establish the proper foundations and strategies for your project and judiciously leverage new advances and practices when the benefits are clear for our clients.


An advertising agency partnered with Altra to redesign, build and launch a website on AEM for a well-known beverage brand.  Despite a very aggressive deadline, Altra got the job done on schedule and within budget, without sacrificing quality.

Our solution architect performed discovery, created an AEM solution design, and worked with our nearshore development team to deliver the fully implemented website.  We collaborated with the agency to get their front-end code and creative into the site and create an intuitive and flexible content authoring experience, while providing technical leadership and following best practices.

Post launch, Altra continued to provide technical support including end-to-end implementation of various functional enhancements, transition to Adobe Managed Services hosting, and an AEM upgrade.

• Completed AEM solution design and implementation for the entire website, including multi-level Products and Blog sections, in only 6 weeks.

• Designed and implemented 9 templates and 25 components for dynamic functionality including product and category pages, articles, social media tools, teasers and videos.

• Made post-launch enhancements including improved search results and Spredfast integration to display a social media gallery.

An AEM solution architect / tech lead from Altra provided technical expertise and leadership, and was the primary liaison between the WCM development team and other client teams, project managers, and key stakeholders.  After helping to successfully design, implement and launch the first website, he helped lead the team through design and implementation of solution architecture, templates and components for a second much larger website.

• Oversaw a team of 9 AEM developers and 3 QA resources, creating a consistent process and approach to track progress of development tasks.

• Successfully launched the pilot website, which had over 50k content pages and up to 2M page views per month.

• Troubleshot and resolved issues related to Endeca search integration and Multi-Site Manager content rollouts.

Altra led our client in the migration of their customer-facing authenticated website from Vignette to AEM.  The new website used responsive design and Multi-Site Manager, and publish instances ran in WebSphere.  We helped front-end developers write code that works well with AEM, guided the client through personalization and targeting complexities, and overcame challenges related to offshore development.

• Oversaw end-to-end implementation of about 10 AEM templates and 30 components, building a large number of them ourselves.

• Created a framework that included a base template, template hierarchy, inheritance, client libraries, and Java utility classes.

• Designed and implemented custom search functionality, a translation workflow, integrations via OSGi services, etc.

Altra migrated part of a top automotive company’s high-profile B2C website to AEM.  We provided an AEM solution architect / development team lead and a nearshore development team.  We designed and developed much of the AEM functionality, and integrated with functionality built by our client and several other vendors.

• Altra’s solution architect designed and oversaw implementation of about 45 components built by our team of 8 nearshore AEM developers.  He also oversaw implementation of about 30 components that were built by our client and several other vendors.

• Altra’s team implemented foundational functionality such as a base template, innovative client library approach, configurations for site-wide, locale-specific, and run-mode-specific properties, external link handling, and content fragments.

• We designed and implemented approaches to consume data from a custom-built content library and integrate components with Dynamic Media to display different image renditions based on screen dimensions.