Sexy does not mean attractive.

We know it; we’re not that sexy.

But maybe that’s a great thing. We don’t have a massive marketing budget and spend half of our time worrying about our image, and you don’t pay for a two-story playground slide in our lobby or a sports car with our company logo on it. Maybe that stuff is sexy, but that’s not us. We are an attractive choice though if you’re looking for a successful AEM special ops force that is experienced, reliable, customer-focused, flexible, and cost effective.  We put all of our effort into providing high-quality solutions at a great value, and leave the sexy marketing tactics to the other guys.

Altra Interactive specializes in AEM

Altra Interactive is proud to be an Adobe Solution Partner.  We listen to our clients and work with them closely throughout the project life-cycle (back-end, front-end, and QA) to deliver custom solutions based on best practices that are tailored to their needs. We work with Fortune 500 companies and others across a diverse set of industries that span the commercial and public / non-profit sectors.

About Us

RULE# 11

Big does not mean effective.

Effective solutions come from implementation partners with experienced, detail-oriented and client-focused people. People who are driven to succeed, and given the tools and support to do so. We believe that simply throwing expensive teams at bloated project plans can create more barriers than pathways to success. So we carefully align our team of experienced on-shore and near-shore developers with your needs. Most of our consultants have several years of hands-on experience with AEM, Analytics, Target or Campaign. Some have much more. And about 75% of our developers or architects are Adobe certified.

AEM Development


Expensive does not mean valuable.

We measure the value of our services by their contributions to your company or your clients’ initiatives, not by the ticket price and our annual profit reports. We know our flexible cost structure is a strong competitive advantage, and we stand by it. What’s more, you won’t be fending off expensive ‘added-value services’ from unfamiliar department reps. We don’t have any. Above all else, what we do have are the necessary skill-sets and leadership to ensure that our partnership works for you.

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AEM Implementations

Our specialty is AEM.  We have worked on dozens of AEM projects including migrations, redesigns, enhancements and upgrades, and have experience with many different parts of AEM, including Sites, Assets, Communities and Forms.  We can do end-to-end implementations, including discovery / requirements gathering, functional and technical solution design, full-stack development including integration with other tools or data sources, testing, launch and post-launch support, and project management.  In addition, we have experience working with AEM solutions hosted “on prem” by our clients as well as with Adobe Managed Services.

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Adobe Analytics, Target and Campaign Implementations

We have experience integrating AEM with other Adobe Marketing Cloud tools including Adobe Analytics and Target, and can provide expertise with these tools.

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Creative, UI and UX / IA

We can provide creative, UI, UX and IA design through one of our trusted creative partners with AEM experience, or work with your creative team.

Our Experiences

RULE# 16

Trendy does not mean innovative.

We don’t conceptualize our engagements around unproven integrations that require five waves of regression testing. We have seasoned, Adobe-certified AEM development technologists who’ve seen most everything. We follow best practices to establish the proper foundations and strategies for your project and judiciously leverage new advances and practices when the benefits are clear for our clients.


An advertising agency had a very aggressive deadline to redesign, build and launch a new website on AEM for a well-known beverage brand, but they had no prior AEM experience so they partnered with Altra to get the job done.  With our AEM solution architect and nearshore development team, Altra performed discovery and then delivered an AEM solution design and fully implemented website on schedule and within budget.  We worked closely with the agency to get their front-end code and creative into the site and provide an intuitive and flexible content authoring experience, while providing technical leadership and following best practices.  Post launch, Altra continued to provide technical support including end-to-end implementation of various functional enhancements, transition to Adobe Managed Services, and an AEM upgrade.

• Completed AEM solution design and implementation for the entire website, including multi-level Products and Blog sections, in only 6 weeks.

• Designed and implemented 9 templates and 25 components for dynamic functionality including product and category pages, articles, social media tools, teasers and videos.

• Made post-launch enhancements including improved search results and Spredfast integration to display a social media gallery.

An AEM solution architect / tech lead from Altra provided technical expertise and leadership, and was the primary liaison between the WCM development team and other client teams, project managers, and key stakeholders.  After helping to successfully design, implement and launch the first website, he helped lead the team through design and implementation of architecture, templates and components for a second much larger website.

• Oversaw a team of 9 AEM developers and 3 QA resources, creating a consistent process and approach to track progress of development tasks.

• Successfully launched the pilot website, which had over 50k content pages and up to 2M page views per month.

• Troubleshot and resolved issues related to Endeca integration and the use of Multi-Site Manager to rollout content changes to mobile-specific templates and components.

Altra provided an AEM Solution Architect to act as a solution consultant, development team lead, and product owner.  Our consultant was responsible for leading our client’s offshore development team in the migration of the Products & Services section of their customer-facing authenticated website from Vignette to AEM.  The new website used responsive design and Multi-Site Manager, and publish instances ran in WebSphere.  During the project we had to navigate several obstacles, including helping front-end developers write code that works well with AEM, guiding the client through personalization and targeting complexities that they hadn’t anticipated, and working through challenges related to using an offshore development team with people living in two different countries.

• Oversaw end-to-end implementation of about 10 AEM templates and 30 components, building a large number of them ourselves.

• Created a framework that included a base template, template hierarchy, inheritance, client libraries, and Java utility classes.

• Designed and implemented custom search functionality, a translation workflow, an approach to detect missing page properties, integrations via OSGi services, etc.

Altra worked with a respected digital agency to migrate part of their client’s high-profile B2C website to AEM.  We provided an AEM solution architect / development team lead and a nearshore development team.  We designed and developed much of the AEM functionality, and integrated with functionality built by the client and several other vendors.

• Altra’s solution architect designed and oversaw implementation of about 45 components built by our team of 8 nearshore AEM developers.  He also oversaw implementation of about 30 components that were built by our client and several other vendors.

• Altra’s team implemented foundational functionality such as a base template, innovative client library approach, configuration for site-wide, locale-specific, and run-mode-specific properties, external link handling, and disassociated content authoring.

• We designed and implemented approaches to consume data from a custom-built content library and integrate components with Dynamic Media to display different image renditions based on screen dimensions.

We develop and deploy AEM and other Adobe Marketing Cloud technologies for a wide array of business needs and objectives.

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